Refresh page when going to previous page

With the new changes to webflow the forms won’t work on exported site’s soon. So right now i’m using FormBucket (which works great). Only issue that i’m running into right now is the following:

Forms don’t go in the “succes/ failure stance”. Instead it goes it gives me the option to go to a new page. I created my own “this form has been send” page with a button that goes back to the previous page. (with the following code `javascript:history.go(-1) )

When I click this, it will bring me back to the form page with every block already filled. I’d rather have it empty all together.

So my question is…How can I make the page refresh after I click on “go to previous page” so the forms will be empty again.

Any other solution is welcome as well of course!


Instead of

`javascript:history.go(-1) )

simply set it to the URL of the form page…