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Referrer Spam Blocking

Hi everyone

I’m hosting my website with webflow and have a lot of referrer spam in my google analytics. Is there a way to avoid this?
yes, i know i can set some filters in GA but that’s not real blocking. Has webflow planed to do something about this?

info related to referrer spam blocking:

i think one of the best way to do this is using a .htaccess but in webflow hosting you’re not able to create or access such files.
Any other suggestions or ideas?

best regards

This isnt a problem with Webflow. The spammers do not even go on your site. They use robots to make you want to click on the link [provided in Analytics] of where your false traffic is coming for. They would then have the ability to collect a percentage of money if you were being payed by Google. I do not use Google Analytics anymore [for this reason] but you can disable information for these “sites” by going to a special section in analytics and blocking them off.

You would have to do research on how to do this since I have already long forgotten how to do this technique. The negative impact though is that then new robots can come in and you would have to type in new robots [names] to block. Pretty much it goes around in a circle.

robots > robots blocked > new robots > robots blocked > newer roots > you give up and get a better service. (added that one for fun) :grinning:

Hope this helps. :wink:

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I was frustrating with the same issue but resolved by followed to this guy’s post.

You will get practical ways to filtered out those fake referral traffic.

Also, google for this keyword “google analytics fake traffic” will helps a lot.