Referencing Multi-Reference in Collection List on Collection Page

I have two collections ‘Schools’ & ‘Students’. In the Students collection I have a multi-reference field with schools this student is interested in.

I want to add a schools collection in the Student collection (purple) page, and inside the loop I want to change the style of the school if it is in the Student (schools) multi-reference.

Neither the filters of the collection loop, nor the conditional visibility allows me to reference the Student collection fields (event though I am in that detail page). The only way to achieve what I am looking for is to reverse the relationship and put a students multi-reference in the schools collection, but I am concerned about the amount of relationships a multi-reference field is limited to and cannot find the limit parameters for that.

This was a good example for a technique lesson I meant to do.
Video and cloneable are here-

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Thank you @memetican leveraging the dynamic attributes with custom css is a clever way to resolve this limitation. Thanks for the video.

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