Referencing Image via Collections not working!

I’ve uploaded an image but when I go to connect an image from a collection, none shows up. I thought I connected the two CMS collections properly on the back end but for some reason it’s not working. Any and all help would be greatly appreciate!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Copy of New

@Ayah_Dweik - was this the image you were looking to see:

It was immediately available when I clicked the dropdown in your read-only link so maybe you changed something or there was an issue with Webflow preventing you from seeing it initially?

@sam-g so weird the first one works for me. but then the images for all other links disappear. Do you know why that might happen?

Hi Ayah, your Press & Coverage page is connected to your Media Posts collection, which has only the one image field named Icon.

It’s the one you have currently connected and as far as I can see, is working perfectly. Is this what you’re expecting to see?

I got it to work thank you!