Referencing A CMS Reference Field

Hi Everyone

I have an issue with two new reference fields I have created. When I reference them in the designer the text area moves and disappears, but only with the two new reference fields.

Above I have highlighted the two new reference fields I have added.

Above shows the text area where I want to reference the new field. It references an existing field (Description) perfectly…

But when I link it to one of my new reference fields in this instance ‘Image 2 Text’, The text area diverts to the top left of my page and no text shows… Can anyone help with this issue, I have been trying to fix it for ages now…

Thanks in advance


It doesn’t who anything for this collection item because the Image 2 Text field for Beech Hurst Report is empty. Preview another item where you have text in that field and it’ll show.


Thanks for getting back to me…

I do have data in the ref fields in the DB (See Screen Grab). It just doesn’t pull the text in and shifts the layout to the top left of my page when I select the new ref fields…

Yes, you do have text there for ‘The Temple of Imperfection’, but not on some of the ohter items. Make sure you preview ‘The Temple of Imperfection’, and you will see the text display. If you preview one of the other items where the field isn’t populated, then nothing will show.

Hi Spirell

Thanks it is actually there you are right… Why does it look like it has disappeared when I am in Designer Mode.
The new fields I have added jump to the top left (Even though they are correct when I view the site live).

Previous created fields do not do this… See below

See above that text field stays in the correct position in Designer with binding to an existing Ref field.

Then when I select one of my new ref fields in Designer the text moves off to the top left. (Even though it is correct front end)… Why could this be?

Thanks for your help with this by the way…

You do not have text there for that collection item. You’re previewing another item which does not have the text. You need to either add the text to the “Beech Hurst Report” item field or change the preview to an item that has the text:

2021-07-05 15_31_12-000156

Also, nothing is moved to the left in the layout. The top left info is only there to show that it is hidden.

Thanks Fonsume

I now have data in all of the fields and it still does the same thing, but only for my new fields. Link to an older field created previously and it appears again in the Designer… Really Odd.

It all looks fine at the front end so not a major issue, just be nice to know why…

Thanks again for your help…


You do not have data in a lot of the fields though?

Everything is working as it should, it’s just that you don’t have the fields populated.