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Reference number of items added into a multi-reference field?

Is this possible? I’m looking to abbreviate/tease the number of “tags” for a given “post” within a collection list of those posts.

For example: View categories (23)
Where the 23 is the number of “tags”

Thanks for the help!

Hey @ColinKing,

@PixelGeek provided a solution recently Code help - count number of cms items It’s a possibility that it can work with tags.

Hope it helps.

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That does solve part of the question I had, thanks! But I am trying to use that count inside a collection list of posts - which we can’t do because we can’t have a collection list within another. So specifically, I’m trying to count the number of items filled into a multi-reference of each post.

Doesn’t seem possible :frowning_face:

Hey Colin, did you ever figure out a solution to this?

I’m trying to tackle the same problem and can’t find a solution anywhere…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think I ever found a solution, rather just a workaround. I haven’t tried since last April, though.