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Reference Link not working on a CMS page

Hey everyone, I’m trying to retrieve a specific field from a reference collection to display on a CMS page.

I need to retrieve ‘Supplier name’ from the ‘All products’ collection, but all I can retrieve is the ‘product name’ and ‘product url’ for each product. See screenshot below with missing CMS field in the designer:

Here is the collection in the CMS which has the ‘products’ linked:

And here is the ‘Product’ collection:

And here is the read only link: Webflow - Portaire

How can I make the ‘Supplier name’ field magically appear?

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction please and thank you

Hi - The ‘Schemes’ template page will only pull data from the ‘Schemes’ collection list. As the ‘Schemes’ list does not include a ‘Supplier name’ reference it will not be visible. You will need to drag another collection list onto this page, or use a nested collection list for it to be visible.

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