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Reference Fields Not Passing from Airtable to Webflow Live Item

Hi there!

I’m having an issue getting Airtable to pass Reference Fields to a Webflow Live Item. I’ve found some great conversations here in the forum that has got me to this point.

I’ve pinned the issue to the Reference Fields by eliminating them and receiving a successful test. I’ve tried passing the name, slug, and Webflow ID to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Screenshots of the setup are below.

It will only work if you pass Webflow Item IDs. Can you share a screenshot that fails with item IDs?

Another solution is to use a tool that takes care of all the reference fields for you, like PowerImporter. In the long run, it’s a better solution than Zapier, because it only takes one zap to fail before your Airtable is no longer in sync with your Webflow CMS. And then the errors keep on cascading because the failed CMS item will cause all other updates that reference it to also fail.

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Well, what the heck! I updated it to the Webflow Item ID and it worked! I wonder if I was accidentally using the Airtable Item ID. Thank you!

I checked out PowerImporter, pretty slick! Is there a way to automate the sync? Like when items update?

Ha! Great, glad it worked!

Yeah, you can set PowerImporter to sync automatically in the background.

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