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Reference field not showing as option to add on page

Hello All,

I appear to be having problems trying to add a reference field to a page. I checked a few other topics on the forum but not sure my issue is the same, it might be, but here is my problem.

I have a packages page and I am looking to add the golf courses included in the package. So I have added the names with a collection field and I now want to add the destination which is a reference field in the golf courses collection. But for some reason when I add a text block then click ‘get text from’ [golf courses] the destinations that are clearly a reference field don’t show up.

Interestingly, I tried adding the golf courses collection to a static page and I can see the destinations when I add a text block and reference the golf courses.

So am I missing something here?

Here are two images showing what is going on.

Here is an image of the other page I tried it on, where I can see the destination reference field.




Do you mind sharing your site’s read-only link please?

1 - On your site’s dashboard, click the Share icon:

2 - Generate and Copy the link:

3 - Then edit your post here, and paste the link inside.

Hi @vincent,

My apologies, here’s the link:

The page I am working on is the Scotland Golf Packages Template page.

Also, you can check the homepage where the reference field does show up when I try to add it there.


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It’s possible that for a reason or another, the scrollbar doesn’t appear in the dropdown so you don’t think of scrolling in it with mousewheel of 2 fingers gestures on a trackpad. (I personally hate the behavior of allowing scrollbars to be discreet…)

So, to me, all the options are presented in the dropdown. Could you check if you can replicate what I did?

Hi @vincent,

Thanks for taking a look!

Can you please try it on this text block:

The list you were using was the scotland golf packages list which forms most of the page. However, inside the tab I am using the ‘golf courses’ collection list. Which also has the destination reference field but is not showing when I try to add it.

Thanks again,

It’s weird, I get like you, I don’t see the referenced field. It shouldbe there, because you’re on atpl page of a collection that has the reference, AND because your in a list for another collecton that also have this reference.

If you move your text outside of the list, link it, replace it in the list, it works.

But I think you’re on a bug.

@brando could you take over here? I provided a workaround but I think there’s a bug.

Hi @vincent,

Thanks for the workaround. It worked fine. Very strange though, @Brando let me know if you want me to show you what was happening, I am working on the page all the time so by the time you see it I will have used the workaround from @vincent.


I couldn’t fully test because the other items were empty of that info. Also they’ve been saved but they have many empty required elements… so maybe that’s a cause of the bug? Would you go and fill out all the red fields in your collection’s items and see if it fixes the bug?

Hello @vincent,

I’ve filled in all the required items and I am still getting the problem.


Hi @kevin.fogarty @vincent

Thanks for pinging me on this! I took a look at the site and think I found the culprit, but I don’t think this is a bug.

It looks like the collection list on the Scottish Golf Packages page is bound to a multi-reference field:

Because of this only options for that multi-ref field will show up.

If instead, you bind that collection list to the Golf Courses collection itself rather than the multi-ref field, you will be able to see the Destination reference field options:

I hope this helps!

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Wow good find Brando!

Hello @Brando,

Thanks for taking a look. I understand that was the problem. However, the reason I had it as a multi-reference field was because tee-times will be different for each collection (Scotland golf package). So rather than just having the collection as golf courses and showing all the golf courses they will be different on each individual package page. So will I be able to do that using your fix in anyway?

Sorry for being a pain, I am still fairly new to Webflow, but love it!


@kevin.fogarty id you ever find a solution for this? I am having the same issue