Reducing the size of images


So I have a gallery page that loads quite slow, and I think it is because I uploaded very large picture files. I want to reduce the size of my images but I don’t want to do them all by hand. Is there any type of plugin that I could use to expedite the process?

Please let me know! Thank you

Here’s the page I am working on:

Here is the share link:

Hi @Kelly_Gowing

You should take a look at this:

You definitely have heavy images on that page, and that affects loading times :stuck_out_tongue:
Try and reduce their size and it should help loading your web page :slight_smile:

You can also use this:

To evaluate your speed (and lots more)


Hi @Kelly_Gowing - Do you have Photoshop? If the photos are all the same dimension, you can record an ‘Action’ for one image (resize and save for web) and then repeat this action for all the other photos at the click of a button. Regards - Kai

Unfortunately they aren’t all the same size… But I will keep that in mind for the ones that are!

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