Reduce bandwidth using external CDN

I need to reduce the bandwidth of my website and I have a question.

If I use an external CDN like AWS to store my assets, would this reduce the bandwidth of my website, since the assets would not be hosted on webflow servers?

If so, will this affect negatively the speed of my page?

Thank you!

If you get a same performance CDN you will not have speed decrease. But in Webflow you need to replace every image, video with embeds, it’s not so feasible

Thank you. I was thinking of just doing it with my blog assets. I think will help to reduce the bandwidth.

If you mean CMS items, you can’t do that at all :sweat_smile: unless you switch image fields with link fields and use those inside embeds

Yes, I was thinking using the tool “HTML Embed Code Editor” on the rich text and add them with HTML.

Do you think would be very complicate or not recommendable?

Totally not recommendable, it will be a pain to make everything

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