Redirects and Custom code disappeared

The last publish done on my domain was at 10:34.

Suddenly, from 10:34 to 11:40, all the custom code and the redirects disappeared from my site project.

Is someone experiencing something like this? Is the UI not retrieving its value?

What’s the published site domain?

I certainly wouldn’t republish anything until they either reappear, or you talk to support.
But I might be able to tell if Webflow thinks the redirects and code are in place on your current published version.

It was an actual problem that some users are experiencing in Webflow. When creating a backup, it could simply occur of that backup to not have all those Dashboard informations (redirects, fonts, descriptions, favicons, etc).

The resolution was to pull a older backup, that have everything needed and filled as expected, and to simply discard that “glitched backup”.