Redirection to a personnalization basket in an other page

Hello, I’d like to redirect the two CTAs on my page (Digital Card/Physical Card) to two different pages on this website:
However, I don’t want to display the homepage of the site; instead, I want to directly redirect the CTA for the physical card to the physical card customization page and the CTA for the digital card to the digital card customization page. The issue is that both pages have the same URL because it’s a cart page. I don’t have access to the developer of this page. How can I proceed differently?

Here is my Webflow page with the 2 CTAs : THE FORK

It is quite urgent, so if someone has an answer that would be really appreciated.

Thanks !

Hi Romane,

In short, no. You can’t realistically “remotely” trigger a button click in another site at-will. The website you’re interacting with would need to provide a mechanism like a URL hash e.g. #shop-now-digital and write code into the angular app that would trigger the button click internally.

You might talk to Diggecard to see if they have any features like this but I wouldn’t count on it.

Hello, many thanks for your answer. I will ask the platform.