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Redirection from Non-www version to www version

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I looked up in the forum and I found out that now it is possible to do a 301 redirection directly with webflow (the idea is that google index your domain only once and doesnt see it as a duplicate).

Maybe this would be available one day, in the mean time, and only with people using GoDaddy (yes… sorry…) I can show you how I did it. I didn’t find the answer here so i’ll put it myself.

So this is the way I have configured it so the non-www address redirects to the www version.

Hope this helps.


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your tip came just in time. I was trying to figure out why the non www version of my site was going to the the webflow 404 page. made your change and everything seems to work now.


@bryantay and @ollo We launched this feature early last week.

You can set a custom domain as Default in the Hosting tab in Webflow and all other domains will 301 redirect to that Default domain.

Oh sorry! I asked this last week and there was no answer! Maybe it’s new.

Thank excellent feature!

Hi @ollo, yes this is a new feature just released last week, great minds think alike :smile:

Let us know if you have any issues, we are here to help :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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Hello @cyberdave and @thesergie,

I wanted to try the new 301 permanent redirection from Webflow so I put the default webflow configuration on my dns on GoDaddy and deleted the 301 forwarding .

I put as a default domain my domain so when you out the non-www version you get rdirected and this doesnt seem to work. Actually doesnt even work.

Could you check this please?

Thank you.

Edit: nevermind, already fixed it!

Hi @ollo, good to hear you got it working, let us know me know if there is any further issue and and I am happy to go take a look :smile:

Cheers, Dave