Redirecting specific urls outside of group rule

I’m trying to add redirects for a site and running into an issue with redirecting pages from the same folder to different places.

I have four pages that specifically need to be redirected from:

/resources/page-one to /guides/page-one
/resources/page-two to /guides/page-two
/resources/page-three to /guides/page-three
/resources/page-four to /guides/page-four

and then all other remaining pages from /resources/ need to be redirected to /events/.

I have the rules set up to specifically redirect the four pages to their exact new urls, and then a catch all (/resources/(.*) -> /events/%1) for everything else, but it is overriding my specific rules so those four pages are going to 404.

Is there are a way to either specify the importance, or to include regex in the catch all rule?

Thank you

From what I know - No way for to exclude pages (Maybe ask webflow support).

Anyway for now - Create these four under “events” (The worst case is 404). Wait some days until google re-index your site. Than edit slug and create regular 301

/events/page-one to /guides/page-one


Another option is to duplicate “page-one”…two…three…four.

Under webflow duplicate -
/events/page-one (301 go to this page) & /guides/page-one

Set inside /events/page-one & /guides/page-one ==> rel=”canonical” to /guides/page-one- overtime google wil drop /events/page-one from Search results (Fetch as google for faster update).