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Redirecting A records from cPanel

Hello all. I am trying to point to my new updated webflow site from a cPanel to maintain all the emails that are set up. Webflow says the status is good and that I am pointing properly but my site won’t show. It still is showing the old site. There are a lot of other A records for subdomains like “ftp” “mail” and “cpanel”. Would these hinder the new redirect from working properly???

Thanks for any help.

<< UPDATE >> Restarted my computer and the website showed in safari.

Hi @joshalo3, thanks for the post, Webflow does not require to modify the other A Records for ftp, mail, cpanel. I would suggest to leave those as they are.

I the site now displaying properly?

If there is still any issue, share the link to the published site, I am happy to take a look :slight_smile: If you do not want to share that site link publicly, could you send an email to

Thanks in advance!

Super late reply, but got this up and working. Thank you for the follow up!