Redirect visitor when entering page if a form wasn't filled

Hey guys, how are you doing?

We want to create a lead generation website with 2 pages and we need to know if such functionality can happen (We have an available developer):

  1. Page 1 is a generic landing page with a lead generation form (The visitor gets free content if he fills the form)

  2. Once a visitor fills the form he is redirected to Page 2. Until now, all is possible.

  3. If the visitor copies the URL of Page 2 and sends it to another person, once the other enters the website we want him to be redirected to Page 1 to fill the lead form.
    So basically, a visitor will be able to see Page 2 only if he fills the form. Is this possible in Webflow?

Thank you!​

Yes, simply check the document.referrer's value. If the user came from a direct link, this value will be an empty string.

Alternatively, you can use cookies. Set a cookie when form is filled, and read/validate the value from the second page.