Redirect to Specific tab content on another page

Hi webflow experts, there are currently 6 categories blocks on my homepage each with a button that is supposed to direct the user to another page (categories page) where the in-depth description of the content resides.

The content of each individual category on that page is located inside the “tabs element”, is there a way in which i could direct the user from the home page to the specific category tab on the categories page upon clicking on the relevant button?

For instance :

1)User clicks on “Rare Neworking Opportunites” button at home page

2)Directs the user to the “categories page” with the “tabs element” automatically at the “Rare Neworking Opportunites” tabs.

3)The same behavior should happen to other categories as well

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

This post is a few years old but sounds similar to what you’re after:

thanks alot for the reply, do you have a detail guide that i can implement for my site?

The first post on that tips page does the walkthrough and has the preview link available to dig deeper.