Redirect old phone version (Muse) to new site built in Webflow

Hi, an old version built in Adobe Muse produced separate files for phone ( ). How can I built a redirect, so customers of the shop (with that link in their cache) will access the new URL ( ) instead?

Use the 301 redirects in Webflow, found on the Hosting Tab

If you are exporting to third party hosting, you will need to use a .htaccess file.

Thank you! I am in fact exporting to third party hosting.

Redirect 301 /phone/index.html/

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Thank you again! I do not know much about code.
There is a .htaccess file already on the server (preparing the change from http to https). Should I copy this ( Redirect 301 /phone/index.html/ ) into the file?

sorry, just tried it – perfect!!! thanks again :slight_smile:

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