Redirect new domain to subpage on current domain?

I have a website www.mainwebsite .com with a page located at www.mainpage .com/pagename

I need to redirect a new domain name to this page. So www.newdomainname .com should redirect to www.mainpage .com/pagename.

I would assume that this is possible and fairly uncomplicated even though I’m not sure how yet.

But I thought I’d as before I purchase the new domain name.

Any thoughts?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m purchasing the domain from a different provider - NOT through Webflow. So pointing from them to a subpage shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Do you mean that domain would be masked as or that it simply forwards the user on and the URL changes visibly in the address bar?

Simple redirection is easy, and can be done at the domain provider. Masking that url as something its technically not, is less easy. Dare I say, not possible in Webflow :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @iratefox!

No it doesn’t need to mask it as anything. It’s fine for people to see mainpage. com/pagename once they’re there.

All I want is for newdomainname. com to deliver visitors to that page. I thought it should be easy until I saw someone ask a similar question somewhere else and then got confused. :crazy_face:

So I’d just set that up at the domain provider and have that new domain point to the subpage, right?

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Correct. There should be an option for Redirects/forwarding. I have sometimes seen no such option where the domain has been purchased using a website builder, but other domain providers will have this option around the DNS settings for that domain and allows a page to be specified.

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Great - that’s what I needed to hear. I’ll figure it out. Thanks so much, @iratefox! :slight_smile:

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