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Redirect to an iTunes Store link

Hello Everyone!

I wondered how I could make this URL :
redirect to a iTunes Store link (i.e. ?

I need Google Analytics to be able to track these, so I need to setup a /app page where the UA code sits, and I need to be able to send sms text such as “Check out this app!”, that would redirect to the iTunes Store App page whether on Mobile or Desktop.

PS : @bartekkustra told me there’s some tweaks to do in the AppDelegate / Info.plist within the iOS App itself, but that’s another subject that I’ll be working on aswell.

Thank you !

Thanks @bartekkustra,

Looks like it’s the solution I’ve been looking for!

In the meanwhile, I’ve applied this on the /app page on Webflow:

  1. I left this page blank, I just added a “Custom Code”

  2. In this custom code, I’ve put this Javascript code:

And it works perfectly. Now I have to find out how to integrate this StackOverflow tweak, and on the homepage, when browsing from an iPhone, making sure there’s this little header popup with the app icon and the “install/open” button:

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