Redirect from section


How can i redirect a page section? e.g currently using and i want to redirect the about link to

This is what i’m getting:

I am not sure what character to use?

Can anybody help?

I don’t really think this can be done, as isn’t a “link” for the section. It first goes to the and then moves to the section. You’ll need to change the source links that go to /#about and make them go to the correct page (Assuming you have that kind of control over them)

//I might be totally wrong here, but I just wanted to show what I think of this…

Hi @Kajv, I will provide another take on this. is a page. is a page. is a page with an anchor;
The server only sees in that example.

The server sees pages (URL)'s and therefore can process a redirect. The server does not see anchor links (the anchor is never sent to the server). Therefore it can’t redirect them.

TL;DR - No.