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Redirect an old webflow website a new one

Hi guys!

I’d like to redirect my old personal website ( to my new one ( I tried on my hosting service but it doesn’t work for this reason:

Any idea?

Thanks :grin:

Hi @laurentdesserre, thanks for the post. At the moment, we do not allow 301 redirects for top level domains redirecting to a domain hosted in Webflow.

You should change the A Records on the domain and the CNAME record, the same as you did for the domain.

This will also result in the benefit that both domains will be using the same fastly integration with hosting: Super Duper Fast Custom Domain Hosting

Remember to add the new domains and to the hosting tab in site settings.

After making those changes, republish your site. Let me know if any questions, or send an email to I am ready to help :slight_smile:


Thanks @cyberdave. (the old website) is already hosted at Webflow! That’s why I don’t know how to make it point on

on your website add this to the custom head script tag:


Hi @laurentdesserre, ok sorry, yes in that case, a javascript redirect such as @pnmcosta suggested, would probably be the best way to go, until those kinds of redirects are added in Webflow.


Works perfectly :slight_smile: thanks @pnmcosta :grin:

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