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Redesigning my portfolio

Hey everyone. I am close to getting version 1 of my personal site up. Still working on somethings in there but would love to get some feedback on where it is currently.

Will definitely like to know your thoughts about voice and positioning and overall choice of presentation.


Love it. I enjoyed the color scheme, fonts, and overall look and flow of the site. It’s very clear, easy to read and feels light and airy. I appreciate all the little touches in animation throughout with circles, hovers, etc. Very subtle, yet enjoyable. I like the sticky navigation on the left as well. Excited to see the finished product!

Hi Riley!

if we are talking about the general presentation and voice then it is pretty good in general — unpretentious and clear. What I would’ve done is made all my text as short as possible. For example “I’m Riley Jones, and I enjoy crafting strategic designs for brands that are passionate about their product and community” could be turned into " I’m Riley Jones, and I craft designs for brands that care about their products" without losing much in terms of meaning.

Message you deliver should be really clear and simple. Another example is “Design is iterative, bold, beautiful, functional, and should achieve a successful quality that overcomes any particular challenge. I bring a process that is a reliable partnership rooted in a joy for collaboration, and creativity.” This can be totally just “my design can overcome any challenge, because I always work together with my clients”.

That kind of stuff. I am not a great copywriter myself, and those examples could’ve been rephrased way better, but I believe that words do matter very much when presenting yourself, and it is always a good idea to be very concise when trying to get someone’s attention on the web. Nobody has time for reading longer texts anymore it seems :frowning:

There is also a matter of your upper right circle - placing it into a parent that should have its overflow set to hidden will get rid of the horizontal scroll.

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Awesome thoughts, glad you enjoyed it!

Totally get that, and I agree the phrases are a bit long, I’ll definitely see what i can do to clean them up a bit.

Thank you for your thoughts!

Really great Riley. I’m wordy myself naturally but I think Dram has a really good point about brevity. I think you can tighten up the how I work copy, there is a bit of repetition but honestly it’s just being nitpicky. Your flow and work really speaks strongly for itself.