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Red line suddenly appeared on site. Need Help!


Suddenly a red line has appeared on all of my pages and I’m not sure where it came from but most importantly how to get rid of it. Need some urgent help on this one.

Here’s my site:

attached is a screenshot of what I’m seeing

Hey @B_Hirst welcome to the webflow community, Please check your structure as you have added a div block with a class of hover-line with the below CSS

Delete the div if you don’t want the divider line.

hope it helps :peace_symbol:

OK dumb question… how do I get to my structure?

The red line is from your grid.

can you point me to where in webflow I can change this? I am a bit lost as I cant find it.

Hit the 3 dots next to the laptop and un check the xray or anything that is checked.

My instructions may be a little off as I’m on my cell phone. This is just from memory.!

No such luck. didn’t see anything to uncheck

got it fixed! thank you !!