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Recurrent payment / Monthly Payment / Membership - eCommerce integrations

Hi There,

I know that eCommerce has been discussed already here and that many people is waiting for webflow built-it ecommerce solutions. Already mentioned as coming soon! without specific ETA.
I have to specific questions that are critical for me at this stage:
1-I couldn’t really find evidence of any ecommerce integration working successfully with recurring payment or membership program like a for example Wine Club. I know that shopify is offering a third party app to do this but if this is the case would be, weblfow integrating with shopify and shopify integrating with some of their apps.
Can somebody provide a real world example of some of this integrations? webflow + ecommerce (any) with recurring payment option? Ecwid is not currently supporting this.

2- I have to get my new ecommerce site up and running in 2-3 month… can some of the Webflow staff respond id it worth the waiting or Should I continue looking outside webflow? or at least to say if the recurring payment is contemplated in the upcoming eCommerce solution?

I couldn’t find the an option to search freelancers by skills, i.e. eCommerce, backend, integrations, design, etc…

Many thanks in advance to the community for supporting this great product. High expectations on Webflow, keep the good work.



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Hi @gerfum

1+ for Webflow e-commerce!!

You could always go with Moon Clerk. I have used them on a recent clients site and they have a great recurring payment system. It integrates well with Webflow and only minimal coding skills needed. Although, I would test it before running live as it may not have all the exact features you need.

Or just wait for @jdesing . He is working on tutorial I hope :smiley:

It has been made.

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Oh , I thought he is goning to make video tutorial. But there is nothing to see in preview link.

Hi All,
Thank you for the information and sharing the links. I was in touch with the people from shoprocket but don’t currently offer recurring payment. Look that they are launching it this month.

"Hello! Yes, we are about launch our subscription service this month :slight_smile:

Rhia Rhia from Shoprocket

Anyone from webflow with ETA about eCommerce? Months ahead? quarter? years?



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