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Rectangles (Cards) moving Horizontally

There is a tech out there called Jot Forms Cards. They are (in essence) a series of Cards that have Bottom Navigation to go Right/Left - Forward/Backwards - Horizontally.

This is NOT a Image Slider which (of course) can Slide Left to Right. This is more of a Journey (step 1 step 2 and so on) at the End, there is even a Submission (i know that is beyond rote webflow). However, I would like to know if this is possible in Webflow and if someone could point me in a direction. Now when I say can Webflow do it, i mean without jumping through a bunch of crazy hoops.

Thank you

Can you please post examples of what you want to do? If you mean cards that take up less than the whole width of the viewport, you’d have to do a lot of custom interactions and/or code to get this effect. The default slider component is full width only.

This is what I’m trying to achieve as well.

Many modern apps do this…

Also, I was able to do this within bootstrap studio…