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Recreating parachute page (Muse to Webflow)


Dave, as you requested, I have posted the details of my problem here.

Sadly, I’m going crazy with this. I have been watching the video on recreating a Muse web page (with the parachute). The issue I have is with the scrolling clouds, which I cannot get to work properly. If I try to apply the movement to the clouds container (that contains the background image), either nothing happens, or everything moves all over the place (past the right and left margins causing the page to scroll horizontally) - including the light box, which, according to the video, is stationary.

The file I created is here:

The Webflow read-only file is here:

What did I do wrong?
Many thanks!

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Hey @pathfinder

Think about it, you are targeting the container that contains all other elements and that’s why everything is moving. You need to use a separate div for the bg image with position set to absolute and target only that div.

See here >

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

Thank you very, very much Piter, I will try to follow your movements and see if I can manage it.


Joe Notovitz

(Attachment PastedGraphic-13.tiff is missing)

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Have fun! :webflow_heart:

Hi Piter,

I did my best to follow your video. Sadly I keep getting lost - my file appears to be out of sync with the state it is when your video starts. I’m sorry to trouble you with this. Can you go through the steps around 50% slower, with the current file? Thank you so much.