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I understand that the CMS blogging feature is in the process of being implemented. Considering how slick this interface is, it’ll be worth the wait.

Could anyone point out how I create the layout so that the content can be shared via social media? Looking at the blog.webflow, the comments section is powered by Disqus. I can see the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ icons in the builder, but when I drag them to the page it’s a blank field.

I think I’m missing something really obvious here!


The social widgets in webflow only propose to link or like pages.

If you want a full component like Disqus, or a facebook comment thread, go to their developer’s pages and generate the code you need, then add it with the HTML widget.

Devs areas like this one:

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Also when you drag a social widget, go to the settings tab to configure it:

Thanks for the reply! For some reason I was convinced that I had to put the text in some block to share it, I’ve now realised that you share content via a link. :ok_hand:

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