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Recreating a navbar

Hi beautiful webflow community,

I am desperatly trying to replicate a specific navbar.



As you can tell, I haven’t found a way to create 2 groups: the first one on the left with all the options, the second one on the right with the logout button.
I tried to go with the grid approach but with no success.

Do you have a secret remedy?

Thanks a lot for the support


Yes, you can easily make your desire Navbar by using flexbox

Cool thanks,

I used flexbox and was able to go up to here

Any idea on to how to push the first div further to the left hand side and the second div to the right hand side?

here is the link to the page:


share read-only link of your project ,That way I can help you better

here it is.

As you can see, I managed to mess up real bad the navbar from my live landing page :sweat_smile:

Your container is causing you problems. Either style from the container, or remove it and style the navbar. Here’s an example:

Bon courage :slight_smile:

thank you so much Pasint!

Do you have any idea on the other menu?

What other menu ? Can you be more specific ?

It’s ok, thanks to your first comment, I was able to create what I needed. Thanks a lot!!!

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:+1: Glad I could help you out with this.