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Recreating a diagonal layout in Webflow

Hey all! First time posting here.

I’m redesigning a website for my uni’s magazine, and I’m wondering how I can achieve this kind of layout!

The “timeline” would be the navigation that would move slightly from left-to-right as the user scrolls down through the Issues. The single subtitle & CTA would appear on hover.

I’m trying to wrap my head around building this before I jump in, and I’m thinking it would involve skewing the parent container? Any help & suggestions would be appreciated.

Did you piss your designer off? :smiley:

That is a good challenge, sorry I can’t think of a tidy way to do it without just manually incrementing a margin as you go down each link in order.

That’s hilarious as I AM the designer, lol! Making this hard on myself I see!
The solution I’m trying is to set a skew on the parent container while having a reverse skew on the children (thanks reddit).

Here is my read-only to see what I was able to figure out.

Haha! Well, looks like you cracked it from your demo link.
Good work!

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