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Recreate Slider Help


I’m trying to replicate that slider:

Thats the link to my project:

Any help is much appreciated as i’m stuck

3 problems I found when trying to replicate it:

  1. connecting a slider to a cms
    I need a slider on a dynamic page that is connected to a cms. Each page needs a different amount of slides based on the number of images in the cms and it needs to be sliding preferably without reloading everytime.
    Sounded pretty basic to me at first but after searching around im not sure if im able to achieve this with webflow.

I read this but post but I dont think it will work for what I intend to use it for, will it?

  1. move the arrows
    I tried using this post How can I move slider arrows to a different position inside the slider?
    the code doesnt seem to work for me, I suspect I have to change some class names but cant figure out how to do so.

  2. the fullscreen button
    dont have any idea how to do this… :slightly_smiling_face:

update: I got 2) to work.
any help for 1) and 3) is still much appreciated

All I can say is don’t do it. First issue is setting up the CMS slider which is a serious pain. Second is setting it up to function the way it does on that page which means setting up 2 sliders in order to do the full screen. I honestly have no clue how you’d even begin to achieve that. Managing the cms sliders is going to be seriously messy to begin with. Is there a reason why you need to have it like that? Sliders are pretty bad for user experience anyway, why not just have the photos launch a dynamic Lightbox when clicked where you can just move around in a window fullscreen?

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didn’t even know lightbox existed before this post, thank you!
thats what I decided to go with indeed