Recreate Sessions! Lets recreate a website!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been watching some youtube videos by webflow on recreating sites (like the mirrors edge site and whatnot).
I was thinking about starting a weekly or biweekly stream where I will recreate a website that people suggest in the thread.

If my fellow community members would like to see some of their favourite sites recreated in webflow post your links below! Oh and the best part is I will be converting them into public projects after so you can duplicate and experiment on your own!

Here is one I did a while back:
Original website: Solving business problems digitally | Wingmen
Webflow Recreation:


@Hamzster this is an awesome idea! Looking forward to your future builds. :slight_smile:

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On my off-time, I’ve been recreating Tesla Motors’ Design studio:


I’m thinking about holding the stream on the coming Sunday which is January 30th I believe.
What website should we recreate? Any suggestions? Or do I have to choose for myself (I don’t mind hehe) :smiley:

This needs some redesigning, bad. :joy:


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I’m not talking about redesigning websites. I’m talking about recreating already existing sites in webflow so the community can learn how to master the tool and build even better ones :slight_smile:

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Due to the lack of people who actually suggested a website I am going thinking about doing the FORD website.
I’ll probably hold the stream mid-day tomorrow. Will update soon!


It would be nice if Webflow has collaborative editing.

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Interested! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this too, just to practice my Webflow skills.
Maybe Webflow could create some contests for this? “Weekly Redesign Contest”?

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Hey @Hamzster I think it would be super neat to do a rebuild of the Papa Johns website, it’s already fully responsive and all the images are there. Just be sure to slap a big disclaimer on there that it’s a concept-rebuild Built In Webflow (definitely want to have the “Built With Webflow” tag turned on in the bottom right corner of the site:

Really excited to see your builds & videos! :smiley:

BTW anyone doing these, it’s a great way to work on your site structure techniques & just to work on your Webflow skills :smiley: Have fun!

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I was too busy to do the stream today. Plus I am trying to figure out how to actually stream the content haha. Never done it before. I will hold the stream on Sunday for sure. Just need to figure out how to set it up so people can see the stream and comment as well. Does youtube let you do this?

yes. use Youtube to stream live. And also, get this.

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