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Recreate awesome interactions

I`ve tried to create same interactions showed in the link below, but had no success :slight_smile:
This example looks so beautiful!

Any ideas how to make divs expandable?

p.s. Sorry if I posted into wrong place

Here is my public share link: LINK
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By using scale transform I think.

Yep i’d agree - looks nice

Also i’d agree with @dram

Scroll interaction affecting divs at certain points in the scroll, subtle scale transform and a little axis movement in there, do-able with IX2.


Thanx guys!
@dram @StuM
definitely, all i needed was an inspiration to study interactions more and more.
How do you think? Those divs (I mean text-div, img-div and green color background div) are placed in deep blue container or…?

Hi @Lavreus

I would have to take a deeper dive to advise! I would guess there is some z-indexing going on, and overflow too.

However there are some useful mini tutorials in this page which may help you get started:

Hope that helps