Recovery of the removed URL from Google Index?

I have removed some of my url form webmaster mistakenly, I have canceled the removal but unable to get that url indexed.

Is there any possibility to recover the removed URL from Google ?

If you need to cancel your 90-day block from search results, you can visit the status page of the tool and click Reinclude next to a successful request. Requests take a few days to be process. google

Also Fetch as google again:

Robots.txt and Meta

1. META: Check your code (before/after body) - if by mistake you find this meta tag - remove this:


2. ROBOTS: Check your robots.txt (Disallow)

Narrow your search to a single website

Last. Maybe your page already index. Check like this (Or by google console):

  1. Click in Google’s search field.
  2. Type site: followed by the website URL you want to limit the search to. Make sure there’s no space between site: and the website address. Read more

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Thank you for your great explanation.

I’ll try this…hope it will helps