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Recovering a lost slider arrow

Ok - somehow I lost my rt slider arrow on the desktop page. When I cursured around I mysteriously found an indication of it’s presence in the upper left hand corner of the desktop page but no matter what I did with the margins and padding I could never make it visible. So I deleted it. Now I am trying to re-install it to the desktop (it still shows on all the other devices). But I have no clue how to do that and God help me if I have to remake all the sliders again. Thank you.

Hi, could you share your project link, and we on the forum are happy to look and help, or if you do not want to share the public project link here, you can send an e-mail to, and we can take a quick look.

I have no idea how to send a project link.

Hi, no problem, does this help :smile:

Cool! Thanks. Here it is: AllegroPublicProjectLink

Hi, somehow the css styling for the right arrow got whacked… the easiest thing to do in this case, is just to drag a new slider out, and copy just the right arrow into the original slider, and then delete the slider you just dragged out, and style your newly pasted right arrow style, so that it matches the left arrow styling.

Can you pm me with your webflow account email and name on account or send an email to and I can send you a copy of your site, with the change to add arrow already done for you, so you can move on :smile:

Cheers, Dave

Thanks!! Ha ha - luv that term “got whacked” . Will send you email w info.

What the solution to this problem?

@clariceo0 to drag a new slider in and from the new slider drag the arrow feature to the existing slider.

Hope this clears things up. :wink::+1:

I have the same problem–Looks like I have lost my left arrow icon in the shuffle. Did anyone figure out how to replace arrows with out dragging in an extra sider?


(Arrows are only visible on the desktop site)


Here is how to properly share a Webflow Share Link:


I too want to recover my left arrow. I tried to follow the instruction in this forum but it did not work. When I copy the left arrow from a new slider, the whole slider is pasted into the slide, not just the arrow. Can anyone teach me how to recover this properly?

Read only link
It is on page “test 3”

@mio @Elana_Nachshin @UrMarkGetSetGo

Here is a tutorial of how to do this guys.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: