Record paragraph text in form block when submitted

Hi, I’m trying to collect the paragraph text inside the form when we submit, and the paragraph should show in the form database. Right now, when I submit the form webflow is not capturing the paragraph text.

Is there any way to collect the text block text when the form submits?

Hi @realsrt Can you provide a read-only link to your project so we can look at your form settings?

Hi @WisdomainUK, thanks for reply

At the bottom of the page, you will find the form

I have added a text block element which pulls text from CMS but when I submitted the form its not showing in the database

Here is the link - Webflow - Instinct

Web browsers will only submit content that is in form fields such as INPUT, TEXTAREA, and SELECT. In your case since you’re using the default form handler, you can use a hidden INPUT field.

Add an HTML Embed field just above your Submit button, with;

Hey thanks for reply

yes, I have tried this solution but if we use the input field the user is able to edit the text in the input, but I don’t want user to change the text of job title because the value is fixed.

Users cannot see or edit a hidden input field. Try it.

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@memetican Thank you so much!! it worked