Recommended Workflow for Altering Classes

I’m sure others have asked similar questions, but I’m not finding the answer…

I have a page and the layout is okay, but I’d like to experiment with a new layout and not lose the existing layout.

Duplicating the page is great, but, of course, I can’t simply modify the classes on the new page because that changes classes for the entire site.

So, what is the best way to alter the styling without having to start over with each class?

(I’m sorry if I haven’t explained this well.)

Thank you!

You shouldn’t need this for my question, but just to save time, here is the link to my site:

What you could do is just add a new class to the element you want to modify, so for example you have navlink as a class. The class that you’re gonna put on top of that would be navlink 2.

That’s what I’ve been doing for now. This has the potential to get really cluttered.

I’m also having the weird issue when trying to apply the new class, as described here: Strange Behavior When Selecting Classes

You can always just duplicate the whole site and proceed from there.

That would be viable, if you could move pages from one site to another. As I work, I often make small but important changes to other aspects of the site as I notice details that need changing, and all those changes would be lost if I reverted to the previous site.

Is there no way to use the Style Manager for this type of thing? (I can’t find any sort of overview of the Style Manager, so I’m not sure yet.)

As far as i know there isn’t. You can add it to the wishlist though!:slight_smile:

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