Recently Viewed Collection Items

A client of mine has asked if it would be possible to have a collection display recently viewed items.

For example the offer a modular based product. A user can visit the site and view all of their modular parts that each belongs to a collection called ‘modules’. The user would then like the site to ‘remember’ what modules they have viewed so that when they view another modular part it can display ‘recently viewed modules’ at the bottom of the page.

My understanding is that this is not a native feature in Webflow. With that in mind does anyone have a workaround with custom code or third-party solution or is this simply not possible at present?

Unfortunately, due to client confidentiality, I can’t provide the website project in design view.

Any advice or info would be awesome.

Hi @Godweeno

That’s a good question, and I think you are right, it would need to be third-party/custom code solution.

The closest natively, would probably be the ‘visited’ state for link blocks:

However I think that’s too basic for what you want to achieve, but might be a starting point for a clever workaround…

That’s probably only 20% helpful, but hopefully of some use!

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Not sure if you’ve found the answer for this, as this post is from 2018, and I hope you did! But if you didn’t, this should help you!