Recent Loading issue in Safari - spreading to multiple pages

Hi Guys,

not sure if you can help me, but I’ve noticed a recent issue in safari (V15.5) desktop and the latest mobile version also.

I had published my site months ago and up until recently it was loading fine on all browsers and not having any issues. of late 2 of my pages have been getting this error.

“a problem repeatedly occurred with Elevencom - About Us - Reload Webpage”

Then when i try to reload the page i get caught in an endless loop of getting this error.
occasionally the page will pop up for a few seconds and then the error returns.

Initially it was only happening on the contact page. but it seems to have spread now to this second page. - all the other pages seem to load fine with out any issues.

the site is
and the offending pages are the contact page and the about us page.

I can load them fine in chrome and firefox. and I haven’t made any wholesale changes to the site since previously when it was loading fine. the only thing I’ve done is push a fresh upload to see if that fixed it.

also a note when looking at the pages in Safari via the webflow preview. they work fine. (eg if you look at it via the preview link)

Any ideas or how i might be able to trouble shoot it would be really appreciated.


here is a read only link

FYI this has been resolved with the latest Monterey update 12.5 & Safari 15.6

Hey @elevencom,

This is likely and issue in Safari (a similar one occurs on iOS 15.5).