Recent Hosting Changes


Recently there have been some changes from your end regarding hosting.

Could you please clarify for me the following:

  1. How many site visits do I get with the Legacy hosting plan every months previously if I recall correctly it was 500,000 or 250,000 is it still the same?

  2. What happens if I exceed the limit? And if there is a need to increase the limit how do I go about it

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So i found out the information its:

25,000 page views per month
500 form submissions per month
Amazon Cloudfront CDN + Fastly for reliable and blazingly fast load times

But can someone please tell me What happens if I exceed the limit? And if there is a need to increase the limit how do I go about it.


No idea. I guess nothing. Things are a little tense right now. Lots of backlash and the price has been bounced back down to $5. But the 25k a month limit is odd and a worry. Wait and see for changes in the next week.

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Yeah i am waiting for this issue to get addressed too lets hope for the best :slight_smile:

You need to find out what webflow is calling a site visit.

I have a small client that gets 1000’s of hits per day…
so using a 30 day average… that’s 30,000 hits a month.

In reality… there are only 200 unique visits per month making those “1000’s of hits”.

Of those unique visits… 10 to 20 per month are actual people / clients

  • interested their product

The others are bots… basically there to scan and index.

So are you trying to say that webflow might be talking about unique visits per month?

I would say not unique… because to track unique visits
you must place a cookie - which then gives a duration.

So… if a cookie is set for 24 hours and a visitor hits your site
10x on day 1 and 3x on day 2… that would be 2 unique visits.

Without the cookie… that would be 13 unique visits
because it cannot determine who the visitor is.

With a cookie set to 30 days… like Amazon’s affiliate program
a visitor would hit your site 1000’s a day for 30 days…
making 1 unique visit.

The exact definition needs to come from webflow.

Thank you so much for your help will email webflow about this


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