Receiving Blank Form Submissions?

I have a form and all but the Phone Number field is set to Required but I’m still receiving emails with blank entries? How is that possible. I went back to get the name of the theme I used and it seems to not be listed anymore. Maybe that is why?

The email contains these blank fields

Company Name:
Phone Number:

Hey @rennsix, thanks for the question! Webflow’s published pages currently use native HTML5 form validation, which is not supported in some older browsers (most notably IE8 and IE9). It may be that your visitors are using these older browsers and not getting alerted when blank form values are submitted. Do you have a sense for whether your users may be using IE? (You can tell from Google Analytics if you have it wired up.)

We are looking at options to make sure validation works even in older browsers, but unfortunately don’t have a timeline yet for when that will become available.

That makes sense and yes, it is most certain the visitors who are submitting are not using the latest version of IE. I guess I will dump a google form in for the time being. Thanks.