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reCaptcha v3 - server not allowing it. 405 Message

Okay. Webflow does not support reCaptcha V3 from the SERVER SIDE. (not sure about v2 Invisible, but others tell it does not work as well).


I’ve implemented custom code within a form, which allowed me to include tag which is absent in Webflow.
(I have a feeling that < button > tag is NOT obligatory and necessary for reCaptcha v3…)


The code works properly.
But still I get the message on screenshot i attached

2020-09-20 11.26.56

2020-09-20 11.26.50


So, Webflow, we’re waiting for this thing)

Hope you will implement this soon, or will share the reasons why you cannot implement it
(so we would know how to stand and defend your reputation in front of our clients and other skeptical devs :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:)

Thank you a lot for all your attention!

ReCaptacha requires server side code to handle the validation. Since you can’t run server side code on a Webflow site your only option is to either stick with what Webflow supports or choose a third party form processor that supports RC3.

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