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Recaptcha question

I was wondering if there was a way to incorporate a recaptcha in a collection list.

I have a staff page where the email addresses are set from an image link. The thing is is that we want to not have those emails open to bots (which, as I understand it, they can get from the direct links). We’d like to incorporate a recaptcha where a click would open some sort of pop up form with the email fed from that collection list.

Is something like this possible?

The page is already published at

Recaptcha basically hides the submit unless the user passed the Turing test. If the email addresses are loaded into the source code of the page, the bots already have them. If a user ever used an email address on a site that got hacked, the bad actors already have it.

It is better to rely on good spam filtering on your mail service and report, then delete the ones that get through.

The only real alternative would be to use email obfustication with custom code. It is really not worth the effort IMHO. I do leave Cloudflare’s obfustication feature on when sites are hosted off webflow since it requires no work on my end and I use the service.

Hope this helps.