reCaptcha error

Hey guys,

I got reCATCHPA on my website and Iam still getting invalid site key error.

YES I did generated new keys like 5 times. Deleted cashes and stuff like 10 times. Iam really out of options atm. Did spend almost 2 hours trying to solve this.

I would love any help please. Dont judge the ugly design, my client got really specifit taste :smiley:


Make sure you are following the guide below, step by step. If you double check and it is not working, I suggest opening a trouble ticket. Only staff and you can view project settings.

Thanks for reply. I did follow that guide and like I said, I 10x checked everything step by step. I even tried google testing keys and those worked well. But when I generate my own keys, I doesn’t work. I generated like 10+ set of keys.

How can I open trouble ticket please?


Follow the contact link at the top of this page’s menu.

Curious what the solution was? I’m having this issue as well.