Rebuilding a Muse site in Webflow as fully editable for my client

First post to the forum so apologies if not categorized correctly or other faux pas.

I built this site in Muse for a client who now wants the entire site to be editable.

He wants to be able to edit all of the text, menu items and images as well as being able to add/delete ‘tombstones’ for new/old deals (on the “Indicative Transactions” page) as well as being able to do the same with team members as they change. I want to sell him on rebuilding the entire site in Webflow (no real redesign) but I’m not sure what is possible or how much heavy lifting it would be. My experience is limited but I have done the tutorials, built a few pages with interactions and generally understand how Webflow works and am generally good and persistent when figuring things out. Any thoughts or advice? A range of hours and a level of difficulty? Possibly what one would charge to do the above? Maybe I should outsource it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi @cacnyc108 - I would say this is totally doable on a CMS plan. Build the site, and the client could edit CMS entries and anything that you flagged as editable with the editor. The scope is not that big.

See if you can create the home page in Webflow and then you can get a feel for how long production takes. Use the tuts for each part of the site you need help with. The videos where sites are built, especially the ones from @nelson on youtube, should give you a better understanding of what is possible in just a few hours,

Let us know when you are stuck and you will get plenty of feedback here in the forums. You can do this!


Hi Charles,

Webdev gave you some great advice.

It’s not necessary, but if you set up the team members as collections - it will make it super easy for the client to update.


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@webdev, thank you! The encouragement really helps. I am going to go for it.

The static stuff I feel pretty confident about just designating as editable, but for items in a grid like the headshots or the tombstones I can create an object which is basically three colored boxes, text and an icon which would have to be interchangeable? Would I furnish the client with all of the iterations of the icon offline and then they would just edit the text and upload the appropriate icon to create a new one?

Thanks again!


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Thanks @pixelpanda. It sounds like the editor might be able to handle most of my client’s desire to manage it entirely. I guess it comes down to whether the editor can replace images. On to the tutorials! Thanks all!


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That’s so helpful. Thank you! I just watched the tutorial that includes binding the collection items to static elements. I think I might try to tackle this first and then build the rest. One new question for me to figure out is if I can create an independent action say to reveal the bio of one team member at a time instead of all of them at once. Thanks again.

I was bored on a corporate conference call for an hour. Started on your homepage. This is what I build for fun. Your images are SVG’s so you will want to probably use them to create square PNG’s that will be easier to line up. Muse is Dead. Long Live Webflow.


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Wow. That’s incredibly thoughtful. Good to know about the svgs and alignment. Now I’m excited about it. Thanks a million!