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Rebuild request!

Hi Webflow!
can you please post a video on how to rebuild this website or at least how to create such navigation menus? this is the link to the website.

thank you for being awsome

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Louay_Sabbagh - rebuilding this website would be a significant undertaking. They put a lot of time and effort in, and the final product truly shows it. It’s cool, engaging, and beautiful.

I’m not sure anyone in the community will take the time to tackle this sort of site replication, but i may be wrong. Good news, though - I have seen quite a few website in Webflow’s Showcase that use animations, triggers, and menus to create some comparably beautiful and engaging stuff. Even better news, you can duplicate some of them. Check these similar examples out:

At the end of the day, the website you’ve linked triumphs on their use of animations triggered by clicks, all while intelligently using the z-index “layer” feature to get things right. Good luck!


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Hi Christopher!
Many thanks for your reply! that helped alot! I am going to check the links you posted though i guess i have seen some of them. Ok maybe not a rebuild for the entire site, but a view on how to create such navigation. like the positioning of the navbar should be flexed and then how am i going to fix the navlinks and all of that. I am trying to break it down my self but thought i could get better help :smiley: again many thanks for your reply.

Have a great day!

Hi, i cant seem to see the about page or contact page in the editor in the theme ( arete-imnwv66h - Webflow ) can anyone explain why? or how i can see and edit these pages???

also is there a tutorial on how to do navigation similar to this
just the navigation, like how to build it from scratch,.

focus-template - Webflow
arete-imnwv66h - Webflow

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