Reasons to use Rich Text Block if not using Webflow CMS?

I am working on a site that won’t be using the Webflow CMS. I know rich text blocks can streamline formatting, but if I already have classes set up from the Pre-Rich Text Block days, is there any real benefit in taking the time to change up my template to this new feature?

The Rich Text element is useful for long form content. Hitting enter in the rich text element creates a new paragraph were as hitting enter in the paragraph element created a line break.

The rich text elements also allow you to target the base selectors within separate from base selectors outside of the rich text element. This will create cleaner code.

@AlexN Thanks for the speedy reply! What if the site doesn’t have a lot of content and won’t be using the Webflow CMS? Is it still worthwhile to take the time to update the file I use as my start template?

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