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Rearrange slides in a slider

Can anyone tell me how to change the order of my sliders. I’ve changed my mind as to which one I want the customer to see first when landing on my site. I tried dragging in the navigator but that didn’t work.

Oops here is project link

After a ton of experimenting I figure this out. I added a new slide. Then I copied and pasted the container (not the whole slide (ex. slide 4)) of the slide I wanted moved into the new slide. To finish the process you then have to add the appropriate class designation(s) to the new slide at the slide number level (ex. slide 4). That will pull your background images, etc… to that new slide. I then deleted the now empty old slide that was in the wrong place. Don’t know if this was the right way but it worked.

Have you tried going to the navigator and moving the slide up and down? Check out this screencast:

Well it worked for one move then all hell broke loose. Wouldn’t let me even use the undo to fix it. Now they are out of order again. Sigh!

It might be because you dragged it outside of the mask. We’re still working on perfecting the drag and drop restrictions for things like this and our undo redo logic.