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Rearrange order of columns based on media query (flexbox)

I will be very specific.

I have this one on the desktop version:

And I want to make like this one on the tablet view:

So, I need to change the order of the columns and also expand one.
How could I do it?

Thank you!

I’m pretty sure there isn’t any way to get columns to work the way you’d like. You’d have to use divs instead.

If you share you public share link, then it will be easier to give specific feedback.

Thank’s for your feedback.

Here’s my public link:

Hi @Vladislav_Den, @tkisteris right - our columns component will not be able to achieve your desired result. However, we recently launched Flexbox support that will allow you to create this layout using divs.

Take a peek at these videos and let me know if that helps at all :slight_smile:

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